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To Holy Wine!

The Official Latroun Monastry Wine Website

The Latroun Monastery, also known as the monastery of the silent monks, is located on the highway that leads to Jerusalem, in the foothills adjacent to the Latroun Junction.

The monks are Trappists, part of  the catholic Church's Benedictine order which was established in Italy in the 6th century. The Trappist charter promotes earning a livelihood by using one's skills, thereby being economically independent and not relying on external sources of support  (according to Psalm 128:2 - "When thou eatest the labour of thy lands, happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee").

 There are around 170 Trappist monasteries worldwide and each monastery supports itself in a certain field of production, usually in the realm of agriculture, in 1890 a group of monks arrived in Israel from France, founded the monastery in Latroun and started producing wine as a source of income. There are numerous vineyards in the monastery grounds, and the winery, carved in the rock face, produces wine in the French tradition.

 The monks also produce olive oil from their olive orchards and the monastery's vegetable garden and citrus groves provide the minks with all their vegetable and citrus requirements. The minks hail mainly from France, Belgium and Lebanon, but also include several from Jordan and even from Japan and Peru. The winery is located on the eastern side of the monastery, concealed from travelers along the main highway.

 Prior to the Six Day War, Latroun was the only winery in the Jordanian kingdom. The wine was sold in local markets and exported to other Middle Eastern Countries. Today the winery produces around 300,000 bottles annually